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Join the 12th "Eurasia Veterinary Conference" on

Cuba 18 - 22. Feb 2019

The Eurasia World Tour continues after the stunning conference on Zanzibar and we will go first time to CUBA!

Charming colonial style cities, hot rhythms, stunning white beaches – these are only three of Cuba’s manifold attractions. Everybody knows them, the pictures of colorful streets with vintage cars, behind them the untouched green mountains with their rich wildlife. Sugar cane and tobacco are flourishing there – raw materials for two of the most popular products of Cuba. Let us carry you off to this magic place.

Welcome to paradise! Just the sound of it immediately invokes thoughts of a far off exotic destination, unchanged by time, rich with history and blessed with tropical beauty.

After 10 year being in different countries in Asia, the Eurasia Veterinary Conference started 2018 a World Tour series and we went to Africa - in 2019 we will now go to the wonderful caribean island of Cuba!

The conference Hotel will be the Melia Paradisus Varadero! The congress hotel is located at Varadero on the Hicacos Peninsula, some 140 km east of Havana. It can easily be reached via the Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, situated west of the peninsula. It is the second-most-important airport of Cuba after José Martí Airport in Havana and serves international and domestic flights.

The Eurasia Veterinary Conference not only offers a high class program, we also try to pick great places for the conference.

Without doubt, Eurasia Veterinary Conference is unique. The familiar and friendly atmosphere guarantees a very special experience for participants and lecturers alike. The high proportion of repeated registrations of more than
80% speaks for itself. Our specialists are looking forward to introducing you to the most recent findings of small animal diagnostics and therapy.

Current State of the Art in Diagnostics and Treatment in Small Animal Medicine – Congress Language: English

This continuing education program offers a perfect opportunity to listen to up-to-date sessions on various topics of small animal medicine and its subspecialties – and all this at one of the most attractive travel destinations of the world. Join us and experience magical Cuba with us.
The conference comprises lectures in the morning and optional workshops in the afternoon.

Main congress program: There will be HOT TOPIC sessions (2 - 4 hours each), in which our specialists will cover the most recent information in their specific area - a summary of the latest developments, presented at international conferences or from new articles. The lecturers will pick the most important topics from their area - that are useful for private practice!

Optional Workshops are offered in the afternoon covering various topics!




The lectures in the morning will be “Hot Topic” sessions, in which our specialists will inform you about the newest topics relevant for clinical practice (2-4 hours per field). Our specialists participate in many national and international conferences and have cutting-edge knowledge. They will share with you the most recent developments in diagnostics and treatment of their fields.
In the afternoons, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in optional workshops. Alternatively, you can enjoy yourself at the beach or at the pool or explore the surrounding areas.


Enjoy small animal continuing educationon at one of the world's most beautiful location - Cuba







HOT TOPIC sessions are in the following areas:

• Infectious diseases
• Gastroenterology
• Endocrinology
• Hematology
• Neurology
• Cardiology
• Nutrition
• Dermatology
• Nephrology/Urology
• Dermatology

• Oncology



The conference is divided into lecture sessions in morning lectures and optional workshops in the afternoon.

By attending the lectures in the morning session, attendants can expect to acquire the most important new findings in most sub-disciplines` of internal medicine. The intensive training will be for veterinary practitioners with major emphasis on a case-oriented and problem-solving approach. The aim of the lectures is to give participants the competence in internal medicine to solve most of the problems in daily practice.

In the afternoon some subjects will be discussed in optional workshops (bookings separately).

Workshops have a limited number of participants and require participants to work actively with instructional tools provided by the faculty. Each session offers an outstanding opportunity to study and practice with board-certified specialists at ease in an instructional role.

The following workshops are offered:

• Cardiology and Emergency Challenges

• Internal medicine

• Neurology and Nephrology cases

• Dermatology

• Endocrinology/Hematology/Oncology


Conference location
The conference will be held at the Melia Paradisus in Varadero. Our Hotel has a very nice beach, a great pool and restaurants - so we can enjoy the beach and the sun at the breaks!

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The speakers are internationally renowned specialists from the university in Munich, Germany and members of several European, American and Australian Colleges (ECVIM-CA, ACVIM, ACVSD, ACVD, ECVD, ACVSc) in the specialities internal medicine, oncology, dermatology and cardiology. Read more

Conference Organisation in Cooperation with (Sponsors):

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